Free Home University

Free Home University (Lecce, Italy) is a pedagogical and artistic experiment focused on generating new ways of sharing and creating knowledge by experiencing life in common. The name shows our desire to be a non-vertical, energy-liberating, insurgent environment (Free), within a protected and intimate space (Home), committed to creating a temporary autonomous community of learners (University).
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BABI BADALOV || Refugees Will Come {and more}

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  • Artist\refugee Babi Badalov will lead a workshop open to artists, activists, comrades in the refugee struggle, and everyone interested in making their political voice LOUDER. The process will culminate in a collective mural painting, and a pop- up exhibition with the items created by the participants. The show will also host People of Flour, Salt and Water, learning film realized during the previous summer session of Free Home University with Chto Delat in Castiglione.

    The recently formed Group ENVIRONMENT - a fluid intercontinental street-art collective - will work on a mural depicting the environmental crisis we live in, meanwhile architect and designer Isabella Faggiano together with artist Luigi Coppola will host a social temporary arts-and-crafts lab to upbring the vision of Casa delle Agriculture as a urban and visual installation during the Notte Verde.

    Artist Nikolay Oleynikov will set up a textile studio for the making of Alexander Langer's portrait, to whom the current edition of Notte Verde Festival is dedicated, as Langer was an Italian journalist, piece activist, polititian, translator, and teacher, actively engaged in the ecological struggle.

    Free Home University sessions are free of charge and open to everyone. The workshops are organized in collaboration with Casa delle Agriculture and Gruppo Umana Solidarieta, Lecce, col supporto di Regione PugliaMusagetes (Canada)

    This session is going to be a part of MURALI RURALI [rural murals] - an ongoing street art lab of FHU, incepted in 2018 with Casa delle Agriculture in the public park named after Renata Fonte in Castiglione.