Free Home University

Free Home University (Lecce, Italy) is a pedagogical and artistic experiment focused on generating new ways of sharing and creating knowledge by experiencing life in common. The name shows our desire to be a non-vertical, energy-liberating, insurgent environment (Free), within a protected and intimate space (Home), committed to creating a temporary autonomous community of learners (University).
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FHU at ArtsEverywhere festival

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On January 24 the ArtsEvery festival started in Guelph, Ontario with an opening lecutre presenting pedagogies, practices and urgencies of Free Home University. At the Art Gallery Guelph Alessandra Pomarico gave a talk about the vision, the various articulations and the tools that have emerged during these 5 years. In the room with us Dani D’Emilia, Elwood Jimmy, Shawn Van Sluys, Vanessa Andreotti, Rene Susa, who contributed sharing their perspective and experience of our process.