Free Home University

Free Home University (Lecce, Italy) is a pedagogical and artistic experiment focused on generating new ways of sharing and creating knowledge by experiencing life in common. The name shows our desire to be a non-vertical, energy-liberating, insurgent environment (Free), within a protected and intimate space (Home), committed to creating a temporary autonomous community of learners (University).
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The 8th Floor, NYC. Learn-in: arts, pedagogy and reimagining our existence in dark times

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  • Alessandra Pomarico
  • Nikolay Oleynikov
  • On March 9th Free Home together with Chto Delat is proudly co-hosting a pedagogical event at The 8th Floor (an art venue of Rubin Museum, Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation) in New York. This symposium featuring Ayreen Anastas and Rene GabriAdelita Husni-Bey, and Michael Roberson and Robert Sember of Ultra-red, convened by Nikolay Oleynikov, artist and member of Chto Delat, and Alessandra Pomarico of Free Home University will address different modes of experimental pedagogy and artistic and activist mediums, considering which strategies are more effective in today’s political climate. Through workshops, intentional listening exercises, and a screening, the event urges the re-imagining of pedagogical and political processes as a necessity to produce the paradigmatic shift called for in the troubling present. Closing remarks will be made by writer and artist Rehan Ansari, independent curator Stamatina Gregory, artist and educator Greg Sholette, and others.

    The 8th Floor | 17 West 17th Street | 646.839.5908 | [email protected]